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Login Module Joins the DLMS Association

1 June 2015 joined the DLMS Association on May 2015.

The DLMS Association’s mission is to create generic and compatible communication objects, to enable the integration of diverse systems and thus simplify the operational and commercial processes.

DLMS stands for Distribution Line Message Specification. It is an application layer specification designed to support messaging to and from (energy) distribution devices in a computer-integrated environment. It is an international standards established by IEC TC 57 and published as IEC 61334-4-41.

The concept was driven forward later to become Device Language Message Specification with the objective to provide an interoperable environment for structured modelling and meter data exchange. Applications like remote meter reading, remote control and value added services for metering any kind of energy, like electricity, water, gas or heat are supported.

Companion Specification for Energy Metering is an interface model of communicating energy metering equipment, providing a view of the functionality available through the communication interfaces. This allows for identifying, retrieving and interpreting the information held in any meter in a manufacturer independent, controlled and secure way. always strives for highest quality and standards through excellence and ensures that all the management software produced by them complies to the standards and rules set out by the DLMS Association. Meter Management system plans to have support for DLMS in order to facilitate a standards-based method by which to interface and communicate with a diverse range of metering equipment that conforms to the DLMS standard.

The development of DLMS within the meter management system enhances the companies ability to further support sub-metering requirements where the features of Automated Metering Infrastructure is required by customers.