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Login Module Joins ERASA

1 February 2015 joined ERASA in January 2015. ERASA is the Electricity Resellers Association of South Africa which upholds and enforces any code of conduct pertaining to the members as well as any legislation (Act, Regulation, Standard) applicable to the members of the Association.

As a sub-metering service provider with customers nationwide and internationally, joined ERASA for the purposes of following good practices in relation to matters encompassing the subject of electricity reselling and tariff structuring.

In sub-metering the concept of reselling electricity in South Africa has been around for many years. Taking into consideration bulk supplies of electricity to Body Corporates, landlords and other large commercial buildings, it goes back further than 20 years.

The bulk supply point platform was created by City Councils needing to lessen their administrative and cost burden due to the greater prevalence of high density urban developments. Reselling started as a need to manage and collect funds for bulk supplies. deals with thousands of bulk supply customers with various tariffs, requirements and different circumstances. To keep up to date with regulations, tariff structures and similar subjects in the energy reselling market, found it beneficial to become a member of ERASA to continue giving the best service as well as advice to the bulk supply customer base in the sub-meter market. always strives for highest quality and standards through excellence and ensures that they meet and comply with the regulations and standards set out by ERASA.